The My Bots page is a great snapshot of all the bots you have created. Use it to access your bots and to see, at a glance, which bots are live, what tier they're on, whether there have been any changes made and so on. 

Also, remember that you can test each of your bots (once it has at least one published question) by clicking on Test Bot. 

Create a New Bot

Click this to start the bot creation wizard. You don’t start paying for bots until you publish content

Bot Details

Offline / Online - This shows whether the bot is active

Changes – Items awaiting approval

Q&A – The total number of questions

Broadcasts – Approved and active offers and news 

Active channels – The number of active channels such as Skype, Google home, etc.

View Bot

 Click here to view and edit all of bots details including adding questions and answers

Test Bot

 Click this to test the bot in the current window. This allows you to replicate the user interaction and tweak your bots for a better customer experience

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