Confidence settings let you define how your bot responds to users based on how confident it is about the answer.  

But that sounds like magic! It is magic and here's how to customise the settings:

You'll see the settings panel and can now start to adjust settings

The settings you choose will change the bots behaviour:

  • If the red 'Can't answer' area on the confidence bar is big the bot will find a suitable answer less frequently and you users will see the 'Can't answer' response more often.
  • If the blue 'Did you mean' area is big the bot will provide a selection of answer for the user to choose from more frequently.
  • If the green 'Got it' area on the confidence bar is big then the bot may provide an answer that's not relevant more frequently.

Our default settings are 25% for the lower setting and 50% for the upper. We've chosen these after a lot of testing and thought. You should consider the purpose of your bot before changing these, e.g. if the bot is giving legal advice you want it to be very accurate so the upper limit would be set quite high.

The confidence settings affect the test bot too so you can play around with them and see what results you get with different settings.

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