Once Amazon have put your skill live we'll change the Alexa channel status to Online and add a link to your Alexa skills page to the Alexa channel page on Chatamo.

To use your bot customers will say one of the wake words, the invocation name you provided and their question e.g. 'Alexa ask Daily Recipe for a vegetarian starter' 

With Alexa users will need to enable the skill. They can do this by clicking 'Enable' on your skill in the Amazon skills list or by saying 'Alexa open' plus your bot name, e.g. 'Alexa open Daily Recipe' to the Amazon Dot, Echo, Echo Show or any Alexa enabled device. By using the phrase 'Alexa open' they automatically enable the bot.

Apart from following links you promote on the web, social media and through email, customers can also find your bot in the full list of Alexa skills on Amazon.

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